Zen Garden Restaurant

During the week or on the week-end, we all need to be ZEN.

A good music, light, carefully selected wines, warm atmosphere, always accompany a special dinner. The impeccable service, the variety of menus, but also the perfect decor are offered to you in a note of elegance, intimacy and hospitality.

We are inviting you therefore in an exotic trip, full of aromas and colours, in a harmonious delight of the senses.


Choosing the desired restaurant means choosing the flavor, the elegance of the moments that will mark your whole day.

At Zen Garden, Chinese cuisine carefully selected by chef Wang Bin and chef Zhu Shikai will offer you an unforgettable dining experience, and Asian flavors will take you to another dimension of the senses.

Zen Garden Restaurant is the host of all the important events in your life, turning them into our events and stories that we will be happy to offer you at the highest level.

Experiment the wonderful Asian cuisine at home, at work or in the city with friends with us.

Because we want to offer dishes of exceptional quality, full of flavor, but also respecting the taste and traditional Chinese recipes, all our dishes are cooked by Chinese chefs from the freshest vegetables, fruits and meat.

Respecting the recipes learned in China, using spices brought from the Asian continent, our chefs show mastery in the kitchen and raise Chinese gastronomy to the level of art.

Every chef has his own technique for the perfect recipe.




The Heart of The Zen Garden Restaurant

In the desire to create a restaurant with authentic Chinese cuisine, it has been well thought-out a menu which includes specific recipes from all four regions of China: Guangdong, Siquan, Zhejiang and the north region.

Each has brought new elements to Chinese cuisine and each is distinguished by its specificity.

Zhejiang cuisine pays great attention to the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, design and taste of food. Guangdong offers recipes based on seafood, fish and chicken, Siquan comes with a more spicy peppered cuisine based on fish and pork while the northern region, which gave what is known as the Northern Food, offers a vast selection of pastry, from which the popular Spring packages stand out.

Even if the Food of Nord is perhaps the best known in Romania, we consider that the richness of Chinese culinary art has much more to offer, which is why we composed a really vast menu and I would say even complete.

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Bar Restaurant Zen Garden



The building is located on Silvestru Street, wich illustrates the originality of this restaurant, finding here a perfect Asian decor. Water, fire, stone, wood, earth, signs and imagery specific to Chinese culture have intertwined with European design to give life to a unique space, stylized but also stylish at the same time, which offers both compartments, as oases of intimacy, and and large spaces, suitable for large events or groups. The intention is to offer a complete culinary and visual experience, by creating the right atmosphere to serve an authentic Chinese menu.

The restaurant consists of six indoor lounges and an outdoor space with an extremely large covered terrace. Keeping the original idea, the terrace welcomes you with a ZEN atmosphere, but at the same time in a modern tone. The wood was processed and shaped to describe delicate Chinese motifs based on simple geometric shapes and we added water, fire, stone and earth to strengthen the connection between soul and nature. The restaurant furniture includes both traditional turntable tables, but also meals intended for meetings with family or friends.


The experience led us to a new approach to the home delivery market.

You can now find the quality of a restaurant menu in your home.

We have a variety of dishes that you can order in the simplest ways, and we come to your aid in discovering with us the most diverse tastes, but also the refinement of Chinese cuisine.


Home delivery & take away

Monday-Sunday: 12:30-22:30

At the conclusion of contracts / subscriptions, for periodic delivery, DISCOUNTS and SPECIAL OFFERS are offered

For orders call

Mobile: +40787823134

Mobile: +40745102272

Phone: +4021 2110061

Methods of payment: card or cash. Please announce the chosen version by phone.


Order at home using the services


Order for at least 250 RON and receive a FREE 2L bottle from the Coca-Cola range!






Time schedule

Monday-Sunday: 11:30 – 22.30 (last order)


Mobile: +40745102272

Phone: 021 2110061









If you want to be part of the succes of our team, you can now apply for the following positions, regardless of whether you have experience or not: chef or assistant chef

What it means to work with us:

- To have financial stability, to be employed under a work contract

- To explain to you everything you will do, we take care of your training

- To listen to your opinions, because we are a team

Contact us at 0745 052 565 or send us your CV at office@zen-garden-restaurant.ro




For telephone reservations you can contact us at the phone numbers 0787823134, 0745102272, 021 2110061 between 11:00 - 23:00 (11AM - 11PM) from Monday to Sunday.