About Us

The Spirit of The Zen Garden


Zen Garden is a restaurant that wants to delight you through its uniqueness

Our restaurant welcomes you with a magnificent offer of the great Chinese kitchen

Subtle ambient music, irreproachable arrangements, the variety of menus but also and the surroundings, are offered in a touch of elegance, intimacy and hospitality

We are inviting you therefore in an exotic trip, full of aromas and colours, in a harmonious delight the senses.

The Chinese say that in any respectable House, there must be seven things: fire, oil, soy sauce, vinegar, rice, salt and tea. It’s a education more than exciting and also one of the foundations of Chinese gastronomical culture. Here at Zen Garden, preparing food takes place after an old ritual for thousands of years, and has been preserved to delights, to fascinate and to please

„ It is better for a man to wait for the food than the food to wait for him” an old Chinese proverb says. At Zen Garden, we are trying that this wait to deserves!

At Zen Garden, you will find all the harmony you need for an intimate and special moment.

The restaurant has 200 seats, arranged in seven saloons and a gorgeous terrace, all in lively downtown

The atmosphere is one exotic Asian decor through authentic and waterfalls of the terrace.


Zen Garden restaurant is the home of all important events in your life.  Parties and unforgettable evenings hosted by Restaurant Zen Garden – a fascinating and welcoming place.


Experience the wonderful Asian kitchen at home, at work or in the city with friends and join us.

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